Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, I'm all cast-on!

I realized, as I was digging through my yarn bag, that I have a full ball and a quarter of Morwenna's "Elements" on Uraguay single-ply! So that's going to be my main yarn, with lots of brights and browns thrown in. Because I LOVE stripes.
I'm doing a few different things this go-round.
First, I'm following the directions for cast-on this time, and made sure to do long-tail cast on. This is so you can knit up stitches to lengthen the sleeves, and you won't be able to detect the join at all.
Second, I'm placing markers every [K] stitches. This is mainly because I hate counting stitches, especially when I'm watching TV while knitting. So this way, I know I'm done with my decreases when I've eliminated the markers on either side of my decrease-mark stitch. Then, when I do my increases, I'll just keep adding in markers after I increase [K] stitches on either side of the marked stitch. Does that make sense? It'll be a hell of a lot easier than having to count hundreds of stitches every time, and the markers will coincide with the Key Number.
And now I'm going to try to catch up on LOST while I knit - has all the seasons up on their player right now!


Donna said...

I think it sort of made sense, but it will make more sense when I do it myself. Long-tail cast that like what most people usually do?

Stellaria said...

I have no clue what most people do! I usually knit on, because I don't like having to estimate how much yarn to start with for the tail.

Morwenna said...

I'm going to do the long tail--I have never done that before! I almost always knit on...I have a problem in that I only have 1 long circular! It's a size 6--think that will be way too small? I hate to buy more needles just for this project.

Stellaria said...

SIze 6 will work if you want it to :D It's all in the gauge! SO long as you knit your swatch and work your numbers from that, it'll work just dandy!