Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Neck Shaping

Ok. I'm following the adult pattern. It says to put 3" of stitches on waste yarn. this will be the depth of the neck opening. That seems like a lot, considering I'm doing this in a size 5T.

When I did the baby surprise jacket, it was 1". That fits my 5 year old well, though it's close to being too snug at the neck. Considering that the adult pattern has you go back and add some more rows all around, plus the fact that I want to add a collar or hood, I'm thinking to do 2" instead of 3".

has anyone done this yet?

This is the 2nd time i've gotten stymied by EZ's use of inches instead of stitch counts. the last time i was eventually able to figure out the percentage she was talking about - so i'm going back to the pattern to see if i can calculate it. but i thought i'd ask if anyone's done that already before i dive in.


Morwenna said...

I won't be too much help, but I am doing approx. kids' size 10 and the neck *seems* ok so far? I'll post the pic. in a second.

About the hood--I wanted to do one too--at what point would you add it? Before doing the last 7 ridges and button holes, or after that?

And, I do have a question about picking up stitches--she calls it 'knitting up' does that just mean pick up the stitches?

Does anyone have advice on how to do the hood? I've never done one before.

Marnie said...

ok, well i just tried it on her and 2 inches is working fine. phew.

i answered your other questions in a comment on your post! i got confused.

Morwenna said...

oops. I tend to do that, sorry! Where's your newest photo, I want to see!