Thursday, March 13, 2008

Question on Cuff Shaping?

Is the cuff shaping necessary?  It seems like some of the finished BSJs I have seen definitely appear to have straight unshaped sleeves.  Any blogging on this topic is much appreciated.

So as soon as I saw this blog I immediately ripped out the three rows of the February Baby Sweater that had been languishing in the bottom of my project bag and used the same yarn to cast on a BSJ.  I'm so excited!


Marnie said...

i did not do the cuff shaping on the one i completed. and the cuffs are very wide. i plan (someday) to pick up and knit down from them, and i will taper the sleeves.

this time i'm going to see if i can start the shaping with the cuff, maybe not as written in the pattern, though - not sure yet.

here are some photos:

Anonymous said...

that's a good point. i guess it's easier to leave in the shaping versus trying to refigure all the decreases as well--I was thinking if I left out the cuff shaping I wouldn't be stopping at 90 stitches as in the pattern because I wouldn't be decreasing the increases for the cuffs. Totally confused?

I love the photos of your BSJ!

Stellaria said...

I didn't do any cuff shaping on mine, and I ended up with slightly flared sleeves. They really are straight, but when it's worn, they look flared. Mine was done with the sleeve add-ons, though - the type done in the Adult pattern.