Monday, March 24, 2008

HELP. Question for people who have finished or done one before!

Ok, I'm doing pretty well. I have the 3" of stitches saved on pieces of wool and am still increasing. I have a question about this section:

"Mark stitches at the inner corners of the neck and at the outer corners of the center-fronts and Purl these single stitches on the "wrong" side. On the right side, work a double-DECrease at the inner corners (...) and a double INCrease at the outer corners."

How many rows is she talking about doing this double decrease and double increase?

"increase one stitch at the beginning of each of these endless rows (
how many is she talking about? Is she just meaning 2 rows in this section--one right side and one wrong side?) to make the neck fit well.

"after two ridges (two MORE? right?) make 7 buttonholes, evenly spaced along the appropriate edge. Work 4-5 ridges and cast off in purl on the right side (
doing the increases and decreases this whole time? I'm really confused on how many rows she wants you to do those double decreases and increases???)"


Kim said...

Sorry, Morwenna, I just posted about the same issue. I'm at that spot, too, and think I totally messed mine up today.

Stellaria said...

If I remember correctly, you continue to do your increases and decreases *while* doing all the other stuff mentioned. You just keep doing them until you're done.

Marnie said...

this is utterly different from the BSJ pattern i followed before. i'll read through the adult pattern to see if i can figure it out.