Monday, March 10, 2008

Blues and Purples

Here's mine. Blues, purples, lavender, etc. on Marr Haven merino rambouillet. The idea was to dye some solid colors to go along--purple, blue, etc. I have 4 skeins of this, how many more do you guys think I'd need? It's 210 yards each... Is the Marr Haven going to be too thick though? I also did some targhee at the same time.
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Stellaria said...

Mine was done in worsted/light worsted wool, and it's PLENTY thick enough. Remember, you'll be working in garter stitch, so it'll be thick and cushy and will trap a lot of air.

Marnie said...

too thick, i think, depends on what you want. as a sweater to wear around the house, perhaps. as a light jacket? no. I made the baby a Tomten with bulky wool at 2 st/in. it's THICK and a great coat.

Do you really think Marr Haven is significantly thicker than Targhee?

my goodness that is some beautiful yarn.

Donna said...

Those are beautiful Morwenna. For this first jacket, i decided against the Targhee because it is more grabby. I am going with the BFL, it just slides better over my needles.