Sunday, March 9, 2008

Maylayan Orchid

Here's my yarn. 2ply Targhee dyed by Morwenna. I have 690 yards of it. I also have 230 yards of Chocolate. some of the browns in that appear in the Maylayan Orchid, and it coordinates nicely. I'm thinking I might need one skein of natural, too. Garter sure uses a lot of yarn.

Not sure what to do here, off to check Ravelry for yardages used.


Donna said...

Those are gorgeous. What size needles are you using?

Marnie said...

i think 9s. i'm going to swatch on 10 and 10.5 to see, but i like a tighter garter.

Morwenna said...

I love your photos. Yarn looks great! ;) I have no ideas about needle sizes yet, I have to get my pattern in the mail and then try to figure it out!