Saturday, March 29, 2008

Done with the Knitting

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, I actually misplaced the camera, and didn't want to post with out photos.
In the title I said I was done with the knitting, but really I may add a collar. I was thinking of lengthening the sleeves, but for a spring baby, I think shorter sleeves will be fine.
I bought some pewter tree of life buttons at the LYS. They were hand made by a local craftsman, so I thought they would be a nice addition.
I thought I was going to be cutting it close with the amount of yarn I had spun, but I have enough left over that I might even squeeze in a pair of booties, if I finish the blanket I have been working on and can get to them before the baby is born!
don't know if this is coming too late, but for anyone working on the BSJ (not the adult version), someone has posted pattern notes that shouls help with when to stop increasing/decreasing, etc.
Oh, and Amy, I am the same Brian from Tomten KAL- where I will finally post an FO today!

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