Thursday, March 27, 2008

Updated photos

I tried it on my girl by pinning the sleeves at the top. they're a little snug, but i think they're going to get a little more width from the trim? not sure how this works as this is very different from the Baby Pattern here.

Anyway, going with 2" at the neck seems to be ideal. it fits very well and the intended recipient is already very excited. she keeps thanking me for making it for her, which urges the knitter to continue at breakneck speed!

so off to knit!


Morwenna said...

I think our sleeves are a trifle snug too--I tried mine on Graydon who is almost 11 but nearly the same size as Rowan, and it was OK, but kind of snug? From looking at the pattern, I don't think the trim will affect the sleeves. I think you knit around the bottom, up the front, around the front edge of the collar. Your row beginning and end will be at the end of the collar--she doesn't have you put any of the arm on.

That's cute--can't wait to see pictures of it on her!

Donna said...

Looks great Marnie! I need to get a move on mine.

Anonymous said...

This is looking so cute. It's beautiful yarn.