Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here's mine so far. I just have to get it as long as I want it now (couple more inches?) and then pick up stitches all the way around. I am mostly wondering now about when to add a hood? And I still don't understand about those increases/decreases but I hope it will become more obvious when I get to it.
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Morwenna said...

And another question. How does one make button holes? I know it's probably incredibly simple and I could look it up, but I was wanting to do it *right* and I know you guys will know!

Marnie said...

i usually just do YO, k2tog for a buttonhole. they're actually pretty crappy buttonholes, but i'm lazy.

as far as a hood, i would do the entire thing, then add the hood. i read somewhere that you can just add the tomten hood do you have the tomten pattern? if not you can get the opinionated knitter or knitting without tears from your library. for a looser hood (the tomten hood is shaped and elf-like and amazing) you can just keep knitting the neckline up until it's tall enough then divide in two at the center back and three needle bind off. it makes a kind of cloaky hood.

when she says "knit up the stitches" she means pick up. but in one of her books she explains that instead of picking up the stitches on a needle and then knitting from them, you can just "knit up" the stitches as you go, as if they were already on a needle, and this makes for less holes where you pick up each stitch. so she calls it "knitting up" instead of "picking up" - it's just an elizabethism.

Donna said...

Looks fantastic Morwenna. I am still doing my increases. I am lagging waaay behind.

Stellaria said...

I'd add the hood after it's all finished and sewn up.
For buttonholes, I just did the yo, k2tog thing, and I like them well enough!