Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me join in.

I had already started on my BSJ when I heard from Marnie about this KAL. So, I do have a bit of a head start. Here's a little history, though:

I'm making a new born size for a friend who is expecting her second child. She already has a little boy, and will be having a girl. The mom to be does not like traditional girl colors, but since I am making the new born size I thought it was important to have some gender identifying color.

I am a novice spinner, having just started to learn in November, and this is the first project that I have spun the yarn specifically for. I picked a hand painted superwah-merino roving that had pinks, cranberry, grey, and a deep green. (I got it here) I then seperated the roving into different color sections and spun up two different yarns from it.

This is the pink girly colored yarn, but sorry I never took a picture of the other before I got to work. The yarn is fingering weight, and I am using size 3 needles to get 6 sts to the inch.

Here is the BSJ starting to take shape. The colors are not exactly true in this photo. The first stripe starts out with a light bubble-gum pink, moves into a deep cranberry, and then goes back to bubble-gum. The second stripe is a blend of deep green and cranberry with hints of grey.

I have actually knitted more than this, but since you all are just getting started I will share more of my progress pictures later.

Thanks for letting me join in!



Donna said...

Nice to meet you Brian! My BSJ just started taking shape last night. I am making it for my dd, who is 10 months old. I love your yarn, very inspiring. I just got my first spinning wheel a few weeks ago. My first attempt at spinning was not very pretty. lol

Kim said...

Beautiful yarn, Brian! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Brian is that you of Tomten KAL fame?!

AKA member of Tomten KAL

Morwenna said...

Hi! That looks lovely! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope to learn to spin someday as well.

Marnie said...

that's beautiful!! welcome!