Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm done, I'm DONE!

Hooray! I can hardly believe I am done. This took me so much longer than I ever thought it would! My daughter's birthday was on the 24th, but being that it was the day after Easter, and also that I had not made time to order a few little gifts until too late, she was persuaded to wait until today to have her celebration...so I got a little reprieve, thank goodness. I just finished this about 1/2 hour ago--her party is in 1/2 hour! I really like how it turned out, I'll make sure to get a photo of her in it too.

Where is everyone?? I feel like I am talking to myself ;)
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Sarah said...

Wow! Your BSJ is just beautiful. The stripes look really, really lovely...I also love the way the colors lined up. GREAT job! Your project reminds me of why I'm crazy about BSJ projects and EZ's designs.
Thanks for sharing it with us!

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

That's beautiful Donna! And it looks so wonderful on her!

Amy said...

Love it! Love the colors so much. Fantastic job.