Monday, April 7, 2008

I think I'm going back

The jacket currently looks like this, before I pull out the last 33 rows!
I'm not happy with the M1 sections, so I'll go back to row 47 and try a different way of increasing this time.


Kathleen said...

I love seeing all the projects at this site. After reading a few posts about questions/problems, I remembered the info I used for my first BSJ. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, Dawn's Knitting Notebook has a really good "cheat sheet" here:

Marnie said...

I used kf&b this time - i used m1 the last time. I far prefer kf&b - for me it makes the jacket reversible.

Sarah said...

I really like your use of two colors with the garter stitch. Your project looks great! Sorry to hear that you're not happy with the m1's...and I totally understand why you felt the need to go back to the beginning of the m1 section. I got about as far as you have, and began battling my was me against it. I ended up frogging the entire piece. I hope that you're able to get through your bit of frogging more successfully than me!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear someone else say they are not happy with the M1s. I am also not liking it but am not diligent enough to rip out at this point.
Something about the M1s is lumpy and not attractive. I like Marnie's suggestion. I plan on doing another one of these and I will try that next time.

Still, it looks great and I love the stripes!